Kashokoto Creates 400 Jobs in Kaindu Chiefdom

Close to 400 jobs have been created in Chief Kaindu’s area of Mumbwa district following the acquisition of Mushingashi Game Ranch by Kashokoto.

The game ranch in question has been at the centre of attention between locals and Kashokoto, who have opted to fence the ranch to prevent trespassing.

Chief Kaindu explained that the story about the fencing of the game ranch is misunderstood, as the investor only intends to create temporary paddocks to quarantine new animals that they want to buy for the ranch.

He also dismissed the story that Kashokoto was tampering with the Kafue River by diverting it.

The chief said Kashokoto is also creating fish breeding areas so that fish can multiply.

Chief Kaindu said he needs investors in his area, noting that there has only been Royal Kafue who is not an investor but a developer working with locally available resources in the game ranch.

He said he would like Royal Kafue, Kaindu Natural Resources and Kashokoto to meet and iron out any differences.

And Kashokoto Project Coordinator Allan Lupenga said the project is working well with community and government.

The investment is estimated at US$10 million and Kashokoto is working towards doing more.

The coordinator said the locals have been empowered with 400 bee hives for bee keeping business and introduced an out grower project.

The project will also source farm produce from the local farmers.

Source: Zambia Reports

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