Lungwangwa Testifies in MMD Leadership Case

UPND Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa has narrated in the Lusaka High Court how he was forcibly pushed from his vehicle and physically beaten on January 30, 2016 during the MMD National Executive Meeting (NEC) meeting.

Geoffrey Lungwangwa, who was then MMD chairman for Education, was testifying in a case in which the two MMD faction leaders Felix Mutati and Nevers Mumba are fighting over the party’s leadership.

“I was physically manhandled, beaten and forcefully pushed into my vehicle. During this time, I was searched, had my wallet and phone stolen from me, an IPhone my lady, all this my lady happened in full view of Dr Mumba who I was following behind when I was attacked. I later went to report the matter to the police at Avondale police station,” Lungwangwa narrated.

He has told justice Sharon Newa during defence that he later called Mumba who was the party president by then and told him what his cadres had done to him but surprisingly, Mumba did nothing about it but only apologised  through a text message.

Prof Lungwangwa said he was so disappointed with what happened especially because in all his years in the MMD, he had never seen such kind of barbaric acts especially that they took place in full view of the party president (Mumba).

He added that the saddest part was all this happened simply because he and others had different views on when the convention was to be held.

In his testimony, Prof Lungwangwa also disclosed that he and others went to support the UPND in the 2015 by election through a NEC decision made in 2014 where Mumba himself was chair of the said meeting.

Meanwhile, another witness who was Mumba’s body guard has also given his side of the story.

Scorpion Kadobi has disclosed that he was called to Mumba’s house where, as a security personnel, he was given orders to block five people from the January 30 NEC meeting.

“The five people were Hon Keembe, Hon Kunda, Hon Lungwangwa, Hon Mbulakulima and Hon Nakachinda,” Kadobi said.

According to his testimony, the said party members were believed to be causing confusion as they kept on inciting people to go for a convention when Mumba was not ready for it that year but in 2017.

He said as a provincial youth chairperson at that time, he called a Mr Nkoma, also a youth chairperson from Kalundu, and asked him to go with youths in a small bus.

Kadobi has further said he also called the Kanyama youth chairperson whom he gave the same instructions and later on from the list of the five barred members, only four who had arrived.

“It was difficult for me to execute the orders given to us, so I called my friend Chipasha who I explained to saying from the time I joined the MMD, I have never seen a situation where our leaders are attacked by their youths. Let’s leave these people alone and let them sort out their differences in the NEC meeting like it has always been and just before Prof Lungwangwa entered the premises, our boss Kalinda followed us and asked why we allowed four of the 5 when we were supposed to block them from entry. We explained to him that we can’t fight our leaders. We were then chased and replaced with Siangambe who was told he was the new commander and the one in charge of all the youths and given strict orders to sort out anyone that came through from the banned group,” he said.

Kadobi said he then later saw Prof Lungwangwa being the victim of Siangambe and his youths.

Source: Zambia Reports

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