OPINION: Are We A Nation Of Drunkards?

It’s a Friday and automatically, we feel energized that the week has come to an end – no work on Saturday and Sunday! Plans are made right from Friday morning and by midday, most of us leave our offices, or stop whatever task we have, faster than we got in – and our next stop is the beer hall where we already find vehicles of all types and human beings of all shapes, sizes and classes!

Meanwhile, while the craze is going on about the so-called Friday, reality stares right in our faces – prices of essential commodities are going up and we are endlessly complaining about them. But what do we do to make a difference and assist the government in finding solutions to some of these problems?

We spend the entire weekends, and sometimes very productive days of the week, doing nothing but drinking and fraternizing in beer halls. This is a fact! Try driving around these drinking spots, or beer halls if you like, and check the number of vehicles that will park there whose owners will drink their productive hours, and even nights, away! You will be amazed.

This is not to say people shouldn’t drink and socialise, but the levels we have reached are unfortunately alarming and counter productive for this country. How do we expect to develop at a personal and country level if we do is sit at beer halls drinking the night away? This kind of behaviour has even destroyed the family system in this country where fathers and mothers are hardly home to spend time with their children. Most parents have even lost touch on their children’s schoolwork such that they have no idea how their own children are performing in class. They even have little or no time at all for their children’s homework.

The Zambia we desire will only come about if each citizen contributes fairly to its development. We don’t think drinking beer carelessly without regard for work can contribute to the development of this country. Meanwhile, all we know is complain endlessly about what is not being done or being done wrongly, in our view, without much thought about how this country could be if we all played a part to be responsible citizens. We can drink beer but let us not drink our heads off to the point where our existence in this country becomes a liability.



Source: Zambia Reports

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