PF Chief Whip Calls for Impeachment of LAZ President

PF deputy Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has called for the impeachment of Law Association of Zambia president Eddie Mwitwa, alleging that he has been paid by a named organization to fight and embarrass government.

Ngulube, the Kabwe Central member of parliament, also want Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa to immediately recuse himself from the petition before the Constitutional Court regarding Bill 10 or be stripped of his status as State Counsel so that he cannot use it to fight personal battles against President Edgar Lungu.

On Monday, the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) dragged President Lungu, the Attorney General and the National Assembly to the Constitutional Court for attempting to illegally alter the Constitution of Zambia through Bill 10 of 2019.

Reacting to this, Ngulube said LAZ had agreed not to challenge the bill in court and the court action was proof that Mwitwa wanted to leave a trail of destruction before his term of office ends.

In an audio released on social media, Ngulube said Mwitwa’s LAZ Council should be impeached.

“I would like to support the calls of State Counsel Sakwiba Sikota and other learned State Counsel who have come out in the open and said they would like us to impeach the LAZ President Mr Eddie Mwitwa for dragging the name of the association into serious disrepute and also for being used to fight political battles on behalf of a named opposition political party, the United Party for National Development,” Ngulube said.

“It is very clear that Mr Mwitwa, whose term of office is coming to an end, would like to leave a trail of destruction on behalf of the Law Association of Zambia. We therefore want to urge the general membership of the Law Association of Zambia to rise and remove Mr Eddie Mwitwa from office. I am also aware, as a Member of Parliament who is also a lawyer and fully paid up member of the Law Association of Zambia, that Mr Eddie Mwitwa cannot impose his hatred of President Lungu on the general membership of the Law Association of Zambia. His personal views or vendetta must not be misunderstood to mean that he represents the views of the entire legal fraternity and the entire Law Association of Zambia.”

He charged that Mwitwa had been paid and challenged Mr. Sangwa to recuse himself from the petition.


“We are aware also that  Mwitwa has been paid by a named institution to fight the Patriotic Front government and also to embarrass government but we are also saying, both Mr Eddie Mwitwa and Mr John Sangwa SC were lawyers representing Mr Hakainde Hichilema in the presidential petition who failed to win the case in the ConCourt and are now trying to use the Constitution to protract their battle against His Excellency the President of this country Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” Ngulube said.

“We are also aware that Mwitwa does not mean well for our association. Just like state counsel John Sangwa; he is expected as State Counsel to guide the state whenever he feels there is something that the state is not doing correctly. He is not supposed to use his rank as State Counsel to fight government or to fight the state…We therefore demand that Mr John Sangwa should immediately recuse himself from the court proceedings or if he fails, we will petition the President to remove his rank as State Counsel so that he does not use his position and status in the legal fraternity to fight his personal battles against the President.”

He also said Sangwa was being illogical by taking a petition before a court whose judges he insulted and publicly embarrassed.

Ngulube also said no other institution could regulate what Parliament does.

He further charged that despite its financial ills, the Law Association of Zambia paid legal fees to Mr. John Sangwa who is, in fact, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer.

“It’s embarrassing that LAZ can’t even afford to construct an office complex for…over 20 years, and yet, they managed to pay fees to a lawyer who could even insult Con-Court Judges,” Mr Ngulube said.

He said LAZ was not an extension of the UPND Secretariat and as genuine members of the association, they would stop them from using the body like a political organ.

“The Law Association of Zambia is a creature of an Act of Parliament and we expect that the leadership of the association should help government in governing the country and not to plunge it into unnecessary anxiety over matters we know cannot lead the country anywhere,” said Mr. Ngulube.


“John Sangwa is just one of us, not all of us and so we will not need his interpretation of the constitution especially that all of us had agreed to examine the entire constitution and understand the positives and negatives and not to rely on his interpretation.”

Source: Zambia Reports

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